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Dr. Raphael Bueno Mesothelioma Doctors

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Overview/Educational Background
Dr. Raphael Bueno is that the Chief, Division of body part Surgery and Vice Chair of Surgery for Cancer and travel analysis at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a teaching affiliate of the Harvard University school of medication wherever Dr. Bueno additionally is academician of Surgery. As a 1985 graduate of Harvard graduate school, Dr. Bueno completed a residency program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and a fellowship in body part Surgery at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

Board certified in 1993, Dr. Bueno spent a lot of of his early career teaching at the Harvard Medical school throughout the 1990’s. Much of Dr. Bueno’s newer focus has been treating patients of malignant carcinoma and carcinoma at varied stages. Dr. Bueno has studied extensively the behavior of all kinds of carcinoma (including serosa carcinoma and pericardiac carcinoma) at a cellular level with hopes of group action his growing data of cell-level behavior into additional aggressive and effective mesothelioma treatment regimens.

Professional Highlights/Clinical analysis
Dr. Bueno’s current analysis initiatives embrace the investigation of latest targets for carcinoma and carcinoma therapies, furthermore because the development of tests aimed toward police investigation cancer and distinctive the prognosis of patients with body part malignancies following surgery. he’s the lead investigator of many current clinical trials, one in every of that is examining biomarker responses in growth tissue in surgical patients with malignant serosa carcinoma.

Dr. Bueno serves these days as Program and director of research of the International carcinoma Program (IMP) at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Harvard Medical School—the largest program of its kind within the world that was based with the mission of providing patients with malignant serosa carcinoma the foremost innovative and advanced treatment regimens on the market. Much of Dr. Bueno’s analysis has been printed in national medical journals, as well as the Journal of body part vessel Surgery. Among the topics explored in his publications square measure the molecular pathways and therapeutic targets in carcinoma, chemotherapeutical drug resistance in primary malignant serosa carcinoma, and organic phenomenon magnitude relation testing targeting the classification of traditional respiratory organ vs. respiratory organ tumors. U.S. News and World Report has recently lauded Dr. Bueno’s analysis in their doc rankings. Patients with malignant carcinoma square measure urged to explore if Dr. Bueno’s experience within the field is also useful to them.

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